Vidici Ventures works with early companies with global potential in the IT and Internet sectors. Our focus is on financial services, IT security and cloud based services. By engaging us closely with skilled contractors, we have achieved success in several companies. We believe in enthusiasm, looking for opportunities and driving development at high speed. With have a strong team of people with different skills and experience.


The Internet continues to transform society. We spend a lot of time in social networks, we do more and more shopping online, we play games, look for entertainment and continue to gather loads of information. Today, many people and devices are online around the clock, and more will follow suit. This will bring us infinite amounts of information that may be applied for a multitude of different purposes – to increase efficiency in marketing, production, resource allocation, product development and distribution.

This environment breeds new business concepts and entrepreneurs who seek to realize them. Vidici helps entrepreneurs by guiding business ventures from idea to a successful business. With personal experience from entrepreneurship in new niches, financial resources and strong networks both in Sweden and internationally, we help shorten the road to success.


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New on the team

Vidici reinforce the team with Peter Larsson from 1/9 to 2014! Read more about Peter here.

New chairman

Erling Gustafsson takes over as Chairman of Vidici Fund I AB Q2-2014, we say welcome to Erling that with his ...

Lendify launch

Lendify launches 12/8 to 2014, is Sweden’s first marketplace for loans between individuals. Read more here.